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ChairGun Pro’s modern ballistics functions have been thoroughly field-tested so, if your requirements are simple or complex, the graphs, tables and labels give accurate information that would take hours of tedious range-work to achieve manually.
Take the information into the field - ChairGun Pro allows you to print trajectory graphs, tables, reticle images and range finding calculations - and save settings for future reference.
Graphs: Point-of-Impact, Velocity, Energy, Momentum, Elapsed Time, Mil-Dot/Laser Range-finding, Pellet Choice, Clicks/Range, Wind-deflection, Mil-Dots/Range, Taylor Values, Optimum Zero Range, etc.
Reticles: 30/30, Standard Mil-Dot, Specialised Reticles (SR6 and SR12), Multi-Aim-Point Reticles (MAP6 and MAP8), Hawke Crossbow SR and MAP.
Tables: General Ballistics, Wind-deflection, Inclined Point-of-Impact, Cant Tables, Dot @ Magnification Range-finding, PoI/Velocity/Energy/Momentum comparisons, etc.
Tools: Optimum Zero Range calculation, calculators for Ballistic Coefficient, Scope calibration, Fine Tuning for Scope Height and BC, Scope Shims, Quick Zero, Reticle Images, Scope Cap Labels and tapes, etc.

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