Hawke ChairGun Pro

Hawke ChairGun Pro 1.0

Creates and analyzes ballistics statistics

Work with the data on target practice and weapons testing by analyzing the performance of selected guns in the suite supporting various types of graphs, tables and labels containing accurate work information. Simulated range conditions are manually customized.

ChairGun Pro’s modern ballistics functions have been thoroughly field-tested so, if your requirements are simple or complex, the graphs, tables and labels give accurate information that would take hours of tedious range-work to achieve manually.
Take the information into the field - ChairGun Pro allows you to print trajectory graphs, tables, reticle images and range finding calculations - and save settings for future reference.
Graphs: Point-of-Impact, Velocity, Energy, Momentum, Elapsed Time, Mil-Dot/Laser Range-finding, Pellet Choice, Clicks/Range, Wind-deflection, Mil-Dots/Range, Taylor Values, Optimum Zero Range, etc.
Reticles: 30/30, Standard Mil-Dot, Specialised Reticles (SR6 and SR12), Multi-Aim-Point Reticles (MAP6 and MAP8), Hawke Crossbow SR and MAP.
Tables: General Ballistics, Wind-deflection, Inclined Point-of-Impact, Cant Tables, Dot @ Magnification Range-finding, PoI/Velocity/Energy/Momentum comparisons, etc.
Tools: Optimum Zero Range calculation, calculators for Ballistic Coefficient, Scope calibration, Fine Tuning for Scope Height and BC, Scope Shims, Quick Zero, Reticle Images, Scope Cap Labels and tapes, etc.

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